16 July 2012

12 to 16 July 2012 - North Norfolk

Spent the last few days at Incleboro Fields Caravan Club site which is near West Runton. We have stayed at the Camping and Caravan Club site before, pleasant enough, but an 'interesting' approach road. The Caravan Club site approach hazards are only golf balls!

Site was fine, we did trips to the Beer Festival at Sheringham Station:

The strawberry cider and burger was not bad either at over 8% proof, we only had 130 to try ...

Then a trip to Holt by Steam Train from Sheringham Station on the Poppy Line -

Also did a trip on the 44 Bus from West Runton to Norwich for the day, this took over an hour but was cheap and went at 30 minute intervals Monday to Saturday. Visit to M&S for more food stocks!