06 August 2011

Final trip, Birmingham to Home

The last 150 mile trip to Home, stopping at the Service Station on the A1 and A14 Junction, which has good parking for HGVs.

Got to Suffolk at last. A total of 988 miles driving. Fuel consumption just over 20 Miles per Gallon.

05 August 2011

Blackpool to Birmingham

Long 200 mile drive down the M6 to Birmingham, the Friday traffic was so bad we dodged down the M6 Toll Road to avoid the traffic. £10.50 for a PHGV, same as a lorry, but was better than the stop and start motoring.The Garmin took us on small diversion via Knutsford to avoid traffic, a very pleasant diversion!

Arrived at Chapel Land Caravan Club at Wythall, a good stop of point just off the M42, if not only for Beckett's Farm Shop a short walk away, where we got all the food foe a BBQ. Visit as well from Brother.

04 August 2011

Blackpool Day 2

In the morning went to Peter Hambilton in Preston get our OmniBike Lift fitted to the back, and very good it is too... makes the job much easier.

Then the sun came out, so went into Blackpool and had a ride on a tram to the terminus at Little Bisham.

Saw the Pleasure Beach

and took a walk over the North Pier to see the Tower ....

03 August 2011

Ayr to Blackpool

A long 200 mile trip from Ayr to Blackpool South Caravan Club site. Took the scenic route to Gretna by A roads, and then joined the M6 at Gretna Green passing back into England. Interesting with the Garmin, as you have to set England as the destination Country to  use the postcode function!

Then stopped of at Tebay services at Junction 38, was interestingly different as the stop of was very pleasant with easy parking for even the largest motorhome, a nice spot by a pond, with a farm shop available and Butchers.

Then on for another hour to the Blackpool site, pleasant spot in the sun, and near the big shops, and one mile from a bus to the Tower.

02 August 2011

Ayr - Second Day

Spent the second day in Ayr, weather cloudy with some rain. Walked down the river and saw some Cormorants on the old bridge.

Large seagulls ....

and fishing boats .....

01 August 2011

Carnoustie to Ayr

A 100 mile drive from Carnoustie to Ayr, via the M8 through the middle of Glasgow. Raining through Glasgow, with lots of roadworks.

Then down to Ayr and the Caravan Club at Craigie Gardens, which is only a short walk into the middle of Ayr. Got cauliflower cheese supplies at M&S, and refilled the fridge. Bit cloudy and wet, but had supper sitting outside under the awning. Ayr seems a lovely spot, picture shows some of the bridges looking out through the harbour to sea.