09 March 2019

Came back a day early

We came back a day early today, mostly because Helen has not been feeling too well and strong winds were forecast.

We left at 10.45 and were home by 2.15 PM in time for tea, and the drive was not too bad with traffic quite light. Only one stop to refuel on the way. And a lunatic overtaking on double white lines on the A140!

07 March 2019

Stratford and back to Broadway

We spent the night at the Crowne Plaza in Stafford. Visited some of the sights and had some more coffee. Then picked up some food in Marks and Spencer's and took a taxi back to collect the motorhome.

The repairs took some time apparently, including the top box removal which was well and truly stuck on! We now have new chequer plate but a clearer roof!

Shakespeare's Birth Place

Crowne Plaza

RSC Theatre view across canal

06 March 2019

Repairs and Stratford upon Avon

Up at 7 am and hit the road by 8.30.. We then drove to the North Cotswold Motor Home repairs and caught up with dogs etc,

Then we caught the community bus to Stratford £1.50 each. Had coffee at #1 Coffee, a bit of shopping, lunch at the Boston Tea Party and wandered along to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Broadway again

 today we drive to Broadway for some more repairs. Stopped off on the A46 at a Marks and Spencer's for a late lunch. Arrived at pitch 48 by the toilet block in time for tea!

It rained most of the night!