06 October 2019

Had a Sunday Lunch - with an Irish Coffee to keep warm on the way back!

Raining a lot - Irish Coffee was good though!

Our own swimming pool

Not really paddling weather .....

Very wet!!!

05 October 2019

White Beach Caravan Club Kessingland

Today we are at the usual place in Kessingland. Sunday lunch booked for tomorrow. Lots of rain forecast!!

Pitch 18 - Seaview

Sailor's rest for lunch

09 September 2019

Home again

Back via the M25 and A12. The BP at Colchester was very busy, and no stopping places now. No LPG either - so we carried on to the Garden Centre at Capel St Mary and then a quick trip home stopping of fuel ... lots of rain!!!

08 September 2019

Hymerfest back to Alderstead

 and past Stonehenge, with some traffic delays.  Now just off the M25  junction 8 for a quiet night......

07 September 2019

Another day at The Hymerfest

Lots of technical talks, afternoon tea and cheese and onion toasties for lunch.....

Flying Dragon Flag ...

Tech Talks

Lots of Hymers ...

Cowboys ..


Mercedes Ladies falling down.. The Gents won!!!

Afternoon tea


06 September 2019


Today we drove down the M3 and A303 passing Stonehenge to arrive at the Hymerfest.

Small shopping trip and fuel at Fleet services...


05 September 2019

Home to Alderstead CC

 Drive down the A12, Dartford crossing and M25 to Alderstead Caravan Club..  Worked out it was in 2012 we were last here on the way to Weymouth!

21 August 2019


Back home - stop off on the A14 BP near Newmarket. Managed to avoid A14 delays at Cambridge via the A1198 to Royston. `Nice little trip to Edinburgh!

20 August 2019

Durham to Clumber Park

Tonight we are at Clumber Park - stopped at Wetherby Services which has good Motorhome and Caravan parking, and some LPG for the refillable cylinders on the left hand side of the Car Pumps - easy to fill up!

Durham Grange CC

Wetherby services LPG

Clumber Park again ....

19 August 2019

Edinburgh to Durham

Today we drove from Edinburgh to Durham Caravan Club. Just by Junction 62 of the A1, a convenient overnight stop .....

Our route via tracker ...

Crossing the Border

Still in Scotland!

18 August 2019

Edinburgh Tattoo

We went to see the early performance of the Edinburgh Tattoo - rain stayed off most of the time! Taxi in from the Caravan Club site was very good ..

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16 August 2019

Edinburgh Fringe

Today we saw Aida Campe, had a very chilli tomato soup for lunch, and fish and chips back at the Caravan Club site for tea ....

15 August 2019

Edinburgh Festival and Fringe

Took the taxi in (£6 return), had a coffee, saw Dinner with Dickens (at Lunchtime!)

A soup with a small dram at the Whisky Society in Queen Street, and then wandered home after a small drink....

Waiting for the Play ...

14 August 2019


Yesterday we arrived at Edinburgh Caravan Club site. Raining, and Helen has a cold and cough!

Managed to do some washing and a quick visit to Morrisons for new supplies!

12 August 2019

Farne Islands from Berwick

Today we got up early to go to the Farne Islands ...

We took the Bus to Berwick, and then the X18 to Seahouses past Bamburgh Castle. We had a late cooked breakfast, and then took the boat at 1230 to see the Gulls, Shags and Grey seals, returning on the bus at 1500. The sun was shining today!!

Bridge at Berwick

Bamburgh Castle

from the bus ..

Coffee (followed by Breakfast)

Boat Trip - Serenity Tours Catamaran


Grace Darling's Lighthouse


11 August 2019

Seaview Berwick

Drove up today - rain when we arrived. Found the back window leaked so that will need to be fixed.

Saw the Angel of the North as we passed....

10 August 2019

Clumber Park and Knaresborough

We set off to Clumber Park, stopping for fuel and M&S shopping at Junction 17 of the A1.

A night of rain, thunder and lightning, to Knaresborough. This is site is about 6 miles off the A1, and has a restaurant, The Wanderer, on site, where we ate for the evening... raining all afternoon, quite heavy!

Wanderer Restaurant

Clumber Park approach