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Useful manuals from our Hymer S700 (1992):

* Acknowledgements to others for these, I have kept them anonymous, but happy to acknowledge you if you wish.

Other useful tips:

  • We got our wiper motor rewound at Robson and Francis in London - came back as good as new. A common problem with our S700 as it is right under the dashboard at the front of the engine and gets wet .......
  • For all things old Hymer you need to go to Preston and Hymerdirect and Peter Hambilton ...
  • Our WiFi when on the road uses a 3G HSPA+ hotspot from Teltonika.
  • For sharing WiFi we use this USB repeater from Solwise.
  • Our complicated TV system looks like this:
    • The main reason for this is so we can get an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) using Sky ... does not happen for the built in Satellite and Freeview on the Avtex. You can get the Sky Box very cheaply on EBay, it only consumes a few watts so works well on an inverter, and you can use FreeSat from Sky.

Preserved information from Deepcar who used to have these on their pages:

Ours is the S700 below.

Some of the others - B Class are Fiats, S are Mercedes Chassis ......