27 October 2015

Last weekend by the seaside! Kessingland

Spent the weekend by the sea with John and Linda - others came for Sunday Lunch at The Waterfront!

First night spent in The Sailors, and a Bacon Bap in the Tea Shop. A Blustery weekend - the Gulls seem to be much more noisy and landing on the roof these days!

19 July 2015

Sunday lunch in West Runton

At the Village Inn West Runton.

Helen had a very large Veggie option - John and Linda joined us.

18 July 2015

At the Beer Festival

Waiting for the steam train to Holt!

Nice day out with steam trains and beer! Both with small glasses in hand! It got very busy later on.

On the way home with the two pint take-away packs. We had fish and chips for supper at the site with JQ and D&D. All controlled by 2m Handhelds Amateur Radio.

At the North Norfolk beer festival at Sheringham

Just arrived at the station.

West Runton

Arrived here Thursday. Big storm last night, thunder and lightning!

Went to Cromer yesterday on the bus after a large breakfast for me, and a veggie curry for H. Walked round Cromer and saw the pier.

John and Linda arrived in the evening and found a spot next to us under the trees. Had small Pimms and G&T in the evening.... or two.

Cromer pier!

08 July 2015

Rainy day by the sea at Kessingland

But went to the Waterside for lunch - the bottle of Rose proved to be the cause of a long afternoon sleep!

Bit grey but a nice view ......... of the sea.

07 July 2015

Lowestoft for the day

Stopping off for a Latte at the Theatre. £3.80 for the Bus from the Sailor's Home at Kessingland. Lots of useless bargains bought in town, and food from M&S!

06 July 2015

By the Seaside at Kessingland again

Here by the seaside at Kessingland White Beach again.

Only forgot the pillows, so not too bad a start! WiFi is working well, but the Oyster TV has lost lock again, it needs to be redone and search the skies.

We got seven new tyres, Michelin Agilis, for £60 each, not too bad. Thye got fitted by Stowmarket Fastfit who are used to us now. Also a full service at Mercedes Trucks at Martlesham. Now we are ready to chill by the sea for a few days ... and go to the pub of course!!

We got space number 3 overlooking the sea (which is just in the distance). Newspapers are ordered!!

29 May 2015

29 May 2015

Back from a very long cruise. All serviced (nothing wrong at all and very dry), and passed the MOT. Due for a full service and new tyres next month. All 7 tyres!!