20 May 2019

Home again! From Harwich ...

An early start on the ferry as we came into Harwich, but although we were amongst the last off, we were home easily by just after 8 am. Usual stoppage at the Copdock roundabout on the A12 by Tesco!

Waiting to leave - had to reverse out again!

Waiting to leave

Homeward bound!

19 May 2019

Arriving at the Ferry ⛴ at Hoek van Holland

 Arrived just after 4.30 pm and are now in lane 1 for tall vehicles waiting for passport control to open.  The site let us wait on our pitch until 4 pm so we got last minute bargains and lunch in Ikea.

Waiting for the Ferry

Last meat balls in Ikea! Lunch 

Quiet day again. Sunshine ☀

Quiet day sitting in the sunshine!

16 May 2019

Delft Market

Today was a market day in Delft - we took a bus in and walked back. Saw the stalls in the main square, went to the flower part, bought some cheese and pies (which went into the small oven outside for dinner). We had lunch overlooking the main square and market, and also popped into AH Supermarket for some small bits!

Cooking the Pies!

15 May 2019

A day at the Campsite

Today we stayed around the campsite. There is a walk around the area that takes you around the lake nearby.


Walk around the lake ...

14 May 2019

Delft Pottery visit

Today we took the electric taxi hop-on-and-off for 5 Euros from the campsite.

Town Hall
We stopped at the Delft Pottery and did the guided audio tour - nice pottery but quite expensive as it is still hand painted! We had a nice lunch in the restaurant. Then back to the van with a guided tour on the way back, seeing the two churches, and lots of canals!
Hand painted pottery!
The Night Watchman painted on tiles
Garden with statue

City shuttle!

13 May 2019

To the seaside at Scheveningen

Today we went to Scheveningen - which was a bus (No.61 from the campsite) and tram (No.1).

Weather was sunny, and a bit blowy. We had our lunch by the sea (they have good glass screens to stop the wind!), and then did shopping at Albert Heijn and back by the same route.

Had some trouble refilling the travel Chip Cards, but found that they did have a machine that accepted non-Dutch credit cards  on the tram.

Morning coffee

Number 1 tram

Sea and beach (where we ate)

Lunch - very nice!

12 May 2019

Sunday - a quiet day!

Got our coffee machine working nicely - followed by lunch in Ikea which is about 10 minutes walk away. In the afternoon we talked to neighbours and had curry sauce with chips from the on-site restaurant.

Walk to Ikea was via the woods ...

New onboard coffee machine with dutch biscuits

Cheese Sandwich and soup at Ikea

Walk through the woods

Campsite entrance -bus stops outside

To Holland and Delft via Harwich

We decided (with Tesco vouchers) to take a trip to Holland. Booked on Stena Line.

We got the evening ferry, arrived at 7.30 PM and boarded at about 9 PM. We had a Comfort class cabin, and got up for Breakfast. We were last off the boat as we had to reverse - there was a car stuck in the floor above, which is raised to let us off normally!

We parked up in a motorhome spot nearby, and got food at Albert Hein in The Hoek of Holland (there is also a LIDL). We stayed until after lunch, where the Lifeboat were having a demonstration, even a spotter plan! Helen got some coffee in a nearby restaurant.

The drove to the Delft campsite where we are parked up. Nice fully serviced pitch with water, 6A electricity and waste next to us.

Waiting for the ferry

Inside, the car deck just in front of us lowers!
Lifeboat demonstration
Hoek of Holland motorhome stopover
In Delft campsite
Our track in Holland

Free wine in Comfort cabin!