09 March 2019

Came back a day early

We came back a day early today, mostly because Helen has not been feeling too well and strong winds were forecast.

We left at 10.45 and were home by 2.15 PM in time for tea, and the drive was not too bad with traffic quite light. Only one stop to refuel on the way. And a lunatic overtaking on double white lines on the A140!

07 March 2019

Stratford and back to Broadway

We spent the night at the Crowne Plaza in Stafford. Visited some of the sights and had some more coffee. Then picked up some food in Marks and Spencer's and took a taxi back to collect the motorhome.

The repairs took some time apparently, including the top box removal which was well and truly stuck on! We now have new chequer plate but a clearer roof!

Shakespeare's Birth Place

Crowne Plaza

RSC Theatre view across canal

06 March 2019

Repairs and Stratford upon Avon

Up at 7 am and hit the road by 8.30.. We then drove to the North Cotswold Motor Home repairs and caught up with dogs etc,

Then we caught the community bus to Stratford £1.50 each. Had coffee at #1 Coffee, a bit of shopping, lunch at the Boston Tea Party and wandered along to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Broadway again

 today we drive to Broadway for some more repairs. Stopped off on the A46 at a Marks and Spencer's for a late lunch. Arrived at pitch 48 by the toilet block in time for tea!

It rained most of the night!

27 November 2018

And home - after a repar

We went to have the front dashboard done, not before time as we noticed we had a couple of mushrooms!

Lovely all day job, we stayed in a S555 where we caught up with Tax Work and Emails, and then bothered everyone trying to keep out of the way. Ended up with a long list of jobs so we have booked in again for next year. Pages Farm shop had some lunch for us.

Had a long drive home. Arriving just in time for tea.

Our new dashboard and carpet is the second photo below.

Our office for the day.

25 November 2018

Broadway Caravan Club Site

Today we drove to Broadway and parked up. Nice site - next door to the steam train to Cheltenham.

Broadway had the Land Yacht Wanderer  - Owned by the Victorian Author, Dr William Gordon Stables, The Wanderer caravan travelled 1,400 miles during the summer of 1885. It was towed by two horses from Twyford in Berkshire to Inverness, from where the caravan returned to London by rail before continuing its journey along the South Coast, reaching as far as Lymington in the New Forest.


Parked up for the evening

First caravan ever


Wanderer Land Yacht

Here it is!

14 September 2018

Back from Kessingland

Today we drove back, with a small detour to avoid a large traffic jam! A lovely break, which we both needed!

13 September 2018

Taking the 99 Bus to Lowestoft

No post yesterday, as we had a quiet day!  Morning coffee, followed by fish cake, chips and beans from the fish shop ... it rained quite a bit.

Today we took the 99 Bus the other way to Lowestoft.

We went to the theatre for a coffee, and then had a wander around town. Picked up some nice walking books for Suffolk. We went to JoJo's for lunch which was really good. Then took the 3.10 bus back to Kessingland. In the evening we went to the Sailor's Home pub.

Sunny weather today - made a nice change!

Morning Coffee


11 September 2018

Visit to Southwold

Today we took the 1232 Bus to Southwold (got up a bit late!). Helen got some croissants for Breakfast.

We had lunch (mushroom soup and a sausage roll) at Adnams, and had a look round town. We caught the 1520 return bus (when it started to rain).  Got back in drizzle, and went to teh Fish and Chip shop to buy our dinner. Raining quite hard in the evening!


Waiting for the bus in Southwold

10 September 2018

Kessingland - Breakfast and Dinner

Today we got up and went to have breakfast - Light Breakfast and Veggie Sausage bun. Chilling for the rest of the day, only news was the Co-Op in Kessingland was broken into by ram raiders. happily, they got caught as they tried to flee down the dead end past the camp sites at Kessingland Beach. Still a shame that the Co-Op got ram raided again in Suffolk...

In the evening we went and each had a pint - and a meal - at the sailor's Home just up the road.


Sweet Retreat for Breakfast

Dragon flies passing in the Afternoon

09 September 2018


We  got up at dawn to see the sunrise just after 6 AM:

and then went back to bed! Got up and went to The Waterfront for Sunday lunch ....

08 September 2018

Kessingland White Beach 8th September

Today we are at White Beach at Kessingland - met another old Hymer owner ...

We were lucky to get Pitch 7 with a view of the sea from the rear lounge. Slight drizzle, but we had scones and tea outside in the afternoon.

Weather stone ....

Back to the sea!

31 August 2018

Aldeburgh - and home

We spent two nights in Aldeburgh, the final night we had a nice meal in The Lighthouse.

On getting home, we found that a bottle of low alcohol Ghost Ship had exploded as it froze - nice to know the fridge works!

The van got booked in for an MOT and a visit for a new dashboard in November.

The Lighthouse for dinner

In our plot - No. 6

Homeward bound ..

28 August 2018

Aldeburgh - Suffolk

Today we arrived at Church Farm in Aldeburgh.

Went for the Fish and Chips and tried some tonic that one of us likes very much!