29 May 2012

Chapel Lane CC Birmingham 29th May

Yesterday we lots of work at Peter's - mains sockets, new kitchen tap (failed microswitch), and the Oyster Satellite dome with a few more bits, and finished with a Whisky tasting. This looks a neat bit of work and looks like a Golf Ball - we think it looks like aliens have landed on the roof. It is awaiting a new Avtex TV with satellite reception and then we can check it out. We borrowed a car and went to relatives in Kirby Lonsdale for lunch.

Spent the afternoon chilling after a long drive down the M6, pausing only at a Motorway Service station. Very expensive with a very poor selection, so will avoid that franchise in future!

Lazy day planned tomorrow morning .......

New Oyster satellite dome on roof, smaller in size than other domes, and no dishes fitted our roofspace, so our only choice!