27 July 2011

Glenrothes to Carnoustie

A slow start, first a visit to get a new tyre put on (the spare, the spare was put on to replace the bulging tyre, at least we have the same make on all six tyres!). Then spotted an ASDA next door, and called in there: started with Breakfast, and then some shopping. Finally hit the road, although only 35 miles on the A92 we crossed the Tay Bridge into Dundee.

Dundee was a roadworks mess, which meant we had to divert through the middle, and then carry on to  Carnoustie and Woodland  Campsite. A nice little place, run by the local authority. Put up the awning and side screen, as we will be here for five days to see the Ladies Open. Wandered into town to have a beer or two, sitting in the sun looking at the Golf Links, then back up the hill to the van. Small water leak on the water heater inlet pipe so fixed another circlip to it. Good TV reception and OK internet, so should be settled in for a while!!