12 May 2019

To Holland and Delft via Harwich

We decided (with Tesco vouchers) to take a trip to Holland. Booked on Stena Line.

We got the evening ferry, arrived at 7.30 PM and boarded at about 9 PM. We had a Comfort class cabin, and got up for Breakfast. We were last off the boat as we had to reverse - there was a car stuck in the floor above, which is raised to let us off normally!

We parked up in a motorhome spot nearby, and got food at Albert Hein in The Hoek of Holland (there is also a LIDL). We stayed until after lunch, where the Lifeboat were having a demonstration, even a spotter plan! Helen got some coffee in a nearby restaurant.

The drove to the Delft campsite where we are parked up. Nice fully serviced pitch with water, 6A electricity and waste next to us.

Waiting for the ferry

Inside, the car deck just in front of us lowers!
Lifeboat demonstration
Hoek of Holland motorhome stopover
In Delft campsite
Our track in Holland

Free wine in Comfort cabin!