18 March 2012

18th March Return Home

Today returned home from Sandringham through the rain, a dull day....

For some reason the fan from the Truma 3000 Heater will not run off, so a small visit for a repair is due soon. Yesterday it rained too, so we stayed at the site as well!

Refuelled and regassed at the A140 Beacon Hills stop. About £12 of LPG, and one bottle sued. Not bad, considering we had heaters on most of the time. So end another small break!

16 March 2012

Kings Lynn by bus

Took the No. 11 bus the other way to Kings Lynn. Had a look at the free local museum, where they had a good display of the Seahenge

Then a walk down the old town to look at the Harbour by the Great Ouse.

The statue is of Captain George Vancouver after whom Vancouver in Canada is named.

Nearby is the Customs House which is now the Tourist Information Centre.

Had lunch at the nearby Archers. Got a curry from M&S and returned back on the afternoon bus.

15 March 2012

Lazy day at the site

Some sunshine today at the site so a lazy day .... but happened across another Hymer S700 so we had a good couple of hours comparing modifications and fittings!

14 March 2012

Sandringham Day out

Sun almost came out today! Took a short bus trip to the Sandringham Visitor Centre. The house and church are all closed until the 1st April, but the shops and restaurant were open, so we had lunch there.

Met one of the giant squirrels that roam around the place ....

There were lots of ladybirds about:

13 March 2012

Hunstanton Day out

Today took a bus ride to Hunstanton. The hourly No. 11 Bus leaves outside the Caravan Club, and it takes about 40 minutes ride to town centre. Had a wander around the town.

Weather still a little misty, so not much of a sea view!!:

We had lunch in a nice local Restaurant called Chives Brasserie and got some more supplies at the local Sainsbury near the bus stop, as well as some pies from the small bakery.

Then back by bus to update this and log on to the Internet. We have a small hotspot on the Hymer created by a wireless router made by Teltonika and bought off Ebay. Noted we get a good 3G connection on Three, but the Vodafone connection is non-existent!

12 March 2012

Sandringham Caravan Club

Arrived here just before 3pm after an interesting route contributed by the Garmin Dezl. We find this SatNav pretty good at not getting us stuck under bridges and works well at sorting out good routes, though for some reason it took us off the A14 and back on again .....

Now we are on pitch 99 and in Glucksberg woods and have the awning and side screens up. Sunny for the afternoon, but misty this morning. No newspapers so nothing intellectual to read like The Sun!

08 March 2012

First outing for 2012: Polstead near Hadleigh, Suffolk

After a habitation check at Stowmarket Caravans (passed with flying colours, "Like a new van ....") we went for a small shakedown 2 night visit to Polstead Camping and Caravan site nearby.

Started off in the pouring rain along the A140, windscreen wipers clicked in after the battery charged for a few miles:

Then on to Polstead, a peaceful spot (pitch 21). Sunshine though a bit cold on the following day. Ordered The Sun for the morning!

Went to nearby Brewer's Arms for Lunch. Roast beef from carvery, Greene King IPA. Snooze in the afternoon!