31 August 2018

Aldeburgh - and home

We spent two nights in Aldeburgh, the final night we had a nice meal in The Lighthouse.

On getting home, we found that a bottle of low alcohol Ghost Ship had exploded as it froze - nice to know the fridge works!

The van got booked in for an MOT and a visit for a new dashboard in November.

The Lighthouse for dinner

In our plot - No. 6

Homeward bound ..

28 August 2018

Aldeburgh - Suffolk

Today we arrived at Church Farm in Aldeburgh.

Went for the Fish and Chips and tried some tonic that one of us likes very much!

12 August 2018

11th and 12th August Blickling Hall

We went to stay in the temporary campsite at the National Trust Blicking Hall - where they had a Proms Night.

Sadly, the Spitfire (mechanical failure) and Fireworks (too dry) were cancelled, but we saw a good display by AeroSPARX. We had a water failure in the van. There was coffee, tea, and sandwiches served for us Campers in the morning!